Pro Tools Expert’s Guide to Backing Up in Pro Tools: Pro Tools beginners tips & tricks

We posted another article from this series a couple of weeks ago, here’s another, maybe less interesting but certainly as useful. Backing up is important for all professionals, but if you use Pro Tools then Pro Tools Expert have few particular tips just for you. Check out the full article here.
Below is a particularly useful excerpt:

Auto Backup In Pro Tools

Note this isn’t an auto save feature where the session is saved every ‘x’ minutes. It is an auto backup system where Pro Tools saves a copy of the session in a special Session Backup folder.


Make sure you are using the Pro Tools Auto backup feature as one day soon it will save your bacon! Go into the Operations tab of the Pro Tools Preferences and you will see a section where you can set up the Auto Backup option. With this option active, Pro Tools will save a copy of the session every ‘x’ minutes. You can also set how many copies are kept.
Even with the Auto Backup option active, I still will hit save regularly and especially after a particularly tricky edit, so even if I have a problem in the 5 minutes since the last auto backup I won’t have to repeat that tricky edit again.

But neither of these options will protect you against a hard drive blip or even failure. To get protection against drive problems we need to back up all the session media only another drive or media type.