Rack Mount Mac Pro 5,1 is back: Create Pro now offering 5U Rack Mount Mac Pro chassis

The Rack Pro Returns…

The rack mountable Mac Pro is back. Due to popular demand we thought it was time we brought back the ‘Rack Pro’. The chassis are custom made and in stock.. We also have some more interesting server related modifications on the way but not quite ready yet, lets just say it starts with 10Gb ethernet.
For anyone working in an environment that features racks, the rack mounted Mac Pro 5,1 is a great way to keep your desk/floor looking tidy. As it’s affectionately known in the office, the ‘Rack Pro’ is perfect for recording studios, being used as a server, render farms and more.

Rack Mount Mac Pro in action

Aside from being convenient, we must say the rack mounted Mac Pro also looks super cool. I mean, come on, you can tell your friends you have a Rack Pro, who doesn’t want to do that?
If you are interested in a Mac Pro with 5U rack mount modification, just head over to our Configure Your Mac Pro page and specify the rack mount modification in the chassis section.
If you have any questions about our Mac Pros, just leave a comment, send an email.