The New Create Pro: From Custom Mac Pros and Upgrades to Everything Mac Pro & Community

You may have noticed that we’ve changed a little recently. After spending the last 11 years serving the professional community customising and upgrading Mac Pro systems, we’ve decided it’s time to take the next step in our continual evolution as a brand.

We’ve loved, and still love, helping as many people as we can find their perfect Mac Pro system. Whether that’s a 5,1 with non-standard Nvidia GPUs or a top-spec 6,1 at a price that would make the Apple sales department quiver, we have been, and always will be, here to help. However, as we dive ever deeper into the custom Mac Pro rabbit hole, learning more, doing more and helping more people in the process, we’ve realised where our heart truly lies. In the community.

Sure, for years we’ve been providing the Mac Pro scene with much-needed upgrades and components they can’t get anywhere else. For example, our Mac Pro 5,1 CPU upgrade service. But as much as we do for the Mac Pro community, we’re fully aware we couldn’t do any of it without them. Indeed, without the Mac Pro community we’re so fond of, Create Pro couldn’t and wouldn’t ever have existed. So with this in mind, it’s time for us to do more.

So what is this ‘more’? Well, it isn’t more products and services for sale (although we are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest Mac Pro tech), it’s more free stuff, free stuff to help build, support and develop the Mac Pro community that supports Create Pro as a business.

This ‘stuff’ is going to come in a variety of forms, but the aim underlying it all is to bring Mac Pro users together. We want to encourage users to connect with each other, and we want to provide resources to help you get more out of your Mac Pros. We also want to keep you updated regarding any exciting things we learn that we feel might enhance your lives both professionally and as general fans of the Mac Pro system. Our focus is shifting to the community first, with the hopes of building a stronger Mac Pro scene where all Mac Pro fans can thrive.

We can break our new focus down into three areas, building community, educating the community and updating the community. 

In terms of building community, we’ve created a brand-new forum. This forum will house discussions on the latest Mac Pro news, different Mac systems and also be the home for a discussion on the various creative professions and how people use their systems within them. We’ll be posting on the forum ourselves, helping out with your questions where we can, and providing our views on whatever topics arise. We’re hoping the forum will become a hotspot for discussing and sharing tips & tricks, personal Mac Pro stories, solving problems and anything else Mac Pro related you can imagine.

Further to the forum, we’re also excited to invite the community to contribute to the main site itself. This will be via posts and articles. As long as the posts are related to the Apple professional user, we’re interested. If you’d like to offer something up, email it over to us at  [email protected]. We’re really hyped to see where this goes; hopefully, we can build a community of contributors, working together and alongside us to provide the best, most interesting Mac Pro information available.

When it comes to educating, we want to share as much of the Mac Pro knowledge we’ve built up over the last 11 years with as many of you as possible. The new Create Pro site will be at its heart a resource for everything Mac Pro. This means guides on getting the most out of your Mac Pro, choosing the best spec for your profession or requirements and all the other things we’ve learned over the years. Our technical team will be providing articles on upgrading your Mac Pros, troubleshooting common and not so common Mac Pro issues and all the other knowledge they have stored in their SSD shaped brains. There’ll be benchmark tests for components and systems new and old. There’ll be Mac Pro case studies based on specific workflows, user types and professional environments. There’ll be everything you could wish for as a knowledge-hungry Mac Pro user.

When it comes to updating the community, we’ll be the go-to place for the latest Apple and Mac Pro news. The news section will be the best place to visit if you want to keep up to date with the latest developments from Apple and the Mac scene at large. Be it new Apple computers, a new component or mod that has just been released or announced. You’ll also be able to discuss all of our news posts on the forum in the news discussion section.

In this post, we’ve talked a lot about the new things that we’ll be providing to the community, but that doesn’t mean we’re no longer here to help as a business with Mac Pro systems, upgrades and components. In fact, we’ll be leveraging the purchasing power of our parent company MacFinder to enhance our research and development and provide better value on new parts for the whole scene. Any service you have used with Create Pro can now be found over at MacFinder, all upgraded, configured and built by the exact same team.

If you’re already a Create Pro customer, MacFinder will be providing full support and taking care of your warranties. Of course, this is all utilising with the same experienced Create Pro technicians, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Create Pro is the same as ever, but better.

We can’t wait to see the new site develop and blossom and we sincerely hope that as Mac Pro users, you’ll be part of our new community. We’re going to endeavour to do as much as we can for you because without you; there is no us. See you there, Create Pro.